Life Long Learning...


Learning how to walk. God knows how old I was.


Birthday party celebrating my 3rd birthday at Rhenish Mission Kindergarten (1975). I even learned how to ride a bike b4 I left kindergarten!


Singing Christmas carol with the Wah Yan Primary crowd (1984). Note I was the one on the left-msot.


Grad photo with the Wah Yan Primary class of '84. The circled ones from left to right are: Fish Head, myself, Lo Hans, and Ah Lai.


My first inter-school debate with DGS when I was in F.4 (1988). The competition came as a great enlightenment and it wasn't until then that I realized how terrible my English really was. Our team took part in quite a number of competitions with other schools subsequently and it was great fun meeting guys and girls especially those from schools on the Kowloon side.


Cheerleading for the Purple House during our annual Sports Day (1988). First and last time being a cheerleader. Great picture taken by Fat Pig.


Me and Ah Lai at Wah Yan College HK (1989), the place where I finished my HKCEE and met most of my friends-4-life.


Me and Ah Mah. Convocation night at Stephen Leacock Collegiate, Toronto (1990). This was where I finished Grade 13, got my OSSD and Ontario Scholarship.


Friends from Stephen Leacock (1990). Lisa and Amy went to Uof T afterwards and we became schoolmates again. Mic, who's also my cousin, went to Uof Waterloo.


Here comes my first set of drums (1990) from Steve's. Cost me about CAD600 (PST & GST incl.) but $300 was from Ah Mah as a present for getting into University. Haven't really taken any formal lessons but did a lot of reading and kind of learned the techniques by myself.


German sausage was definitely one of the greatest discoveries during my 4 yrs at Uof T. I still fancy one of these delicacy after spending all these yrs in HK.  This picture was taken outside of Sidney Smith Hall at St. George Campus (1994).


Graduating with my Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) at Uof Toronto (1994). Finally out of Hell!


Christmas party with the HKFE bunch (1995). This was my first job since I moved back to HK after graduation. Note that I was the one with the Santa hat at the back. Have taken all the trading rights exams offered by the Exchange and Nymex before I left the company but the exams have yet to be proven useful in my career!


Our MBA class spent a whole week in Shantou during 1998 and stayed in Shantou Goworld Co. to work as internal consultants for the circuit board manufacturer. This was a requirement for the MBA program and was another great experience to discover  modern industrial China. Our group was presented with a souvenir by the CEO after we presented our views on the company.


Graduating from my part-time MBA from CityUofHK (1999). Quite an experience. Course material wasn't really difficult coz I've learnt most from my B.Com. Working during daytime and studying at night was the real challenge. The most valuable gain from the program, however, was meeting a few golf partners whom I still play with from time to time these days!


Started taking Erhu lessons in 1999 after getting my MBA. Having great fun with this traditional Chinese musical instrument but still struggling with the Liu Tian Hua pieces. My regular lessons are 18:30-19:15 every Saturday at Harmony Music.


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